(Sea)PG: We put the Southeast Asia (Sea) in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

Hyper local networks for premium coffee delivery. The convenience economy is here in Indo! Check out Jago Coffee founded by award winning coffee connoisseurs. 
Best read on the metaverse and how consumers will interact with brands and creators. Direct-to-Avatar (DTA) dematerialize the rest of the supply chain, allowing brands and creators to sell direct to your metaverse Avatar. Take the DTC value chain: R&D, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Marketing, Support. The DTA value chain will cut manufacturing / logistics / support out of the value chain allowing creators to directly sell and interact with consumers through the metaverse while collecting value that ultimately goes to FB & Google in today's DTC value chain. 
The packaged foods market has doubled every 5 years; with convenience, health and impulse to recruit more consumers. Packaged food consumption per capita increasing at 12% over the next. Despite India being 18% of the worlds population, India's packaged goods market is smaller than developed markets. 
The plant based dairy market in India is still small, but boasts a strong niche consumer base. Incumbents in the dairy industry are "concerned" over health benefits - but history shows us that when  incumbents are scared about new narratives, it may be worth betting on that new narrative. Here are a few examples: Cleantech is a fad (Tesla), Crypto is a bubble (Bitcoin), Dating apps are fads (Tinder / Bumble), Paleo is too niche (Primal Kitchen), Non-alcs are too niche (Seedlip) and the list goes on...
Creating a good organizational culture is a perennial and non-trivial undertaking. If done well, it could be the competitive advantage and north star that will guide the business, in good and challenging times, positioning it for enduring success. 
Two opposing food trends in India - eating healthier and purely indulgent foods. Fireside's VS Kannan Sitaram talks about brands in India who are crafting interesting and engaging relationships with consumers seeking indulgence...
Edamama is an e-commerce platform designed by mothers for mothers in the Philippines. 
Digitally native brands (DNBs)¬†are attracting significant investor attention these days‚ÄĒand for good reason. DNBs make up an increasing share of disruptive players in the market, comprising 15 percent of the new unicorns funded in 2020, up from 10 percent in 2019 and 5 percent in 2018.
Open Labs will begin with buying 51% stake in local companies ‚Äď instead of 100% like most aggregators do ‚Äď allowing founders to have a role in the brand‚Äôs development.
28 Oct 2021

Picking a wedge

A wedge is simply a strategy to win a large market by initially capturing (1) a tiny part of a larger market or (2) a large part of a small adjacent market. #insurgent brands pick a wedge and use that wedge to dominate the category. 
A host of new kids brands have launched to meet the needs of today‚Äôs youngsters ‚ÄĒ or, perhaps more accurately, the desires of their demanding parents who hold the purse strings. Sensing an opportunity, venture capitalists have been pouring money into these nascent businesses.
Who doesn't love bubble tea? Now you can get it direct-to-consumer with a DIY bubble tea kit straight to your doorstep. Great example of a niche tribe and community building. 
You can download this Marketing / CAC analysis to answer questions like: what is an acceptable range? Where is the danger zone? What is a CAC we would be okay with? Where would that put our LTV:CAC ratio?
Asia is set to experience a seismic shift in food trends over the next decade, as consumers become more affluent, sophisticated and demanding, driving US$2.4 trillion of Asia's incremental food spend by 2030.
LTV:CAC < 1 - For every dollar you put into the marketing growth engine, you aren’t covering your COGS and marketing cost. LTV:CAC = 1. For every dollar you put into the marketing growth engine, you get one dollar out to cover costs of operating. LTV:CAC > 1 For every dollar you put into the marketing growth engine, you get at least $1.01 out.
Key takeaways: Fall in love with the problem, not the solution; Assemble informal customer advisory boards with short feedback loops; Lean on contractors in pre-PMF days before building your full-time team. 
Singapore seemed destined for failure or subservience to a more powerful neighbor. The country is by far the smallest in Southeast Asia and was not gifted with many natural resources. Lee Kuan Yew thought otherwise. 
Get healthy, vegan, paleo, no vegetable oil table sauces from Ri's in Singapore. I can't have my rice without her Red Chilli Sauce anymore. Fantastic product. Order online or through Little Farms, Dempsey, Urban Origins and the American Club.
Quantifying product market fit. 
Here's a great book recommended by Jesse Pujji on conscious leadership that I just finished. Key takeaways have been: 1. Speak candidly, openly and honestly, in a way that invites others to do the same, 2. Find each team member's unique genius, 3. Let go of taking everything so seriously.