(Sea)PG: We put the Southeast Asia (Sea) in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

06 Oct 2021

AngelList Stack

For SEA brands looking to head to the US. AngelList Stack has just launched. Create a fundraising-ready startup. Everything from incorporation, banking, and equity management tools in a single place
Great coverage on the future of telemedicine in SEA by Venturra. 
Founder's Journal from the Morning Brew: 5 Lessons From Devastating Mistakes in Business. 
Southeast Asia's Peloton. Get the Cru Bike and CruTV. The future of Southeast Asia's premium home fitness journey.
Apple Fitness Plus may very well be the future of the company and the future of working out because of how it has gamified fitness during COVID. &
250 collectible NFTs facilitating access to networking and mentorship at the intersection of crypto and consumer—while supporting nonprofits.
S$180,000 mattresses, S$2,500 pillows
Federer left behind a $10 million annual sponsorship deal with Nike and turned it into a $600 million-plus payday.
Under the pressures of business needs, creativity and experimenting often get less time and resources, especially for projects in the periphery. Here’s how to make sure they get the attention they deserve.
It’s impossible to see exactly what the future will hold for expert-driven-direct, but Zenyum’s potential reach is limited only by their ability to recruit new dentists, meaning their Consumer-to-Dentist model has potentially global implications. 
M13 compares Web 2.0 versus Web 3.0 and the impacts on both the supply (creators) and demand sides (consumers). The investment thesis that is outlined follow two trends within Web 3.0: New ownership models and The rise of microbehaviors...
From Memo to IPO: Toast takes on the US restaurant industry. A founding team’s unmatched product chops and obsession beats conventional wisdom
Pet food & toys, home decor, healthy snacks, non-alc beverages, beauty & skincare, sustainable fashion
Before there were masses of “Warby Parker for x“ e-commerce startups, there was Warby Parker, the direct-to-consumer eyewear brand that launched in 2010, promising a better deal on glasses, a better customer experience, and a better company behind the brand.
Asia's new consumer landscape is changing from people moving into the consuming class to people moving within the consuming class...
Are you running a consumer business? If so, what is your North Star Metric (NSM)? A NSM is the guiding metric that aligns all company energy. At first glance it may seem that maximizing revenue ought to be the NSM for every consumer product company. But that's not always the case.
Last Crumb’s strategy centered around premium experience, storytelling and exclusivity has proven effective in cultivating a loyal fan base who are actively sharing and engaging with its products across social media. 
Great progress for the SEA venture community. Region's Internet economy forecast to triple by 2025. Cash-rich global funds scout for investments. Blank check companies target Southeast Asia. About a dozen startups set to list over two years.
Crumbl was founded in 2017. Neither of the founders had backgrounds in baking - they A/B tested countless recipes to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie for their first store. In four years, they went from 1 to 254 locations.
Camping, fitness, travel, fast casual dining, coffee, frozen foods, seltzer, gardening, skincare, automotive, micromobility, personal finance...