(Sea)PG: We put the Southeast Asia (Sea) in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

$250 billion (annualized) moved online since 2019, and it’s accelerated.
Nail a pricing strategy, Root product development in customer intel + shopper data, Substantiate claims with studies and trials, Consistently test + iterate; development is never done
Mayple is a curation of the world's best next generation brands for your lifestyle needs. Shop the best in Skincare, Personal Care, Nutrition and more...
A turkish immigrant used a commodity product to turn a $800,000 SBA loan into $10 BILLION.
With 75% of consumers belonging to at least one loyalty program, and 48% belonging to three or more, it's clear consumers want to build emotional connections with brands they love—and are game to sign up for ongoing programs if the payoff seems worth it. 
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 14 consumer brands in Indonesia raised VC money last year, doubling the tally of the previous year. 
25 Jul 2021

Why Now?

Why it matters for startups to have a strong "why now" - and also why it doesn't.
Forums like Reddit’s r/SkincareAddiction, which has over 1.3 million members, are becoming go-to's for people on a mission to understand the ingredients they are putting on their skin.
Extended COVID-19 lockdowns gave consumers a chance to reflect on their lives. That’s led to a “priority reset” of how they intend to behave going forward. 
The landing page guide by Nik Sharma
The Whole Kitchen - the home of gluten free products in Singapore. Great go to brand, albeit the bread is quite heavy and price point is high. Try it out!
New customer acquisition
Using cohorts to understand repeats
Chatting with Andrew Senduk on his Masters of Cashflow podcast: Consumer Brand Investing Vs. Tech Investing and The Key Elements Of Building Iconic Brands
11 Jul 2021

Bacha Coffee

Amazing product and branding. From the founder of TWG - branding genius, Taha Bouqdib. If you love coffee, check them out at ION.
Consumer brands are donning lab coats and conducting their own clinical trials. How much does this all cost – and is it worth it?
Here is a list of key metrics by business type. You should know the relevant metrics for your business by heart.
Fitt Insider explores emerging opportunities across fitness and wellness. Discussing VMG’s new $850M fund, including the firm’s approach to backing consumer- and health-focused brands.
Whether it was Travis Scott serving Happy Meals at McDonald’s, or Mr. Beast (the Youtube star) launching a nationwide burger chain online using Ghost Kitchens, these two moments represented a larger shift in how the internet is shaping a new world of food.
How Nik Sharma finds, contacts, and collaborates with influencers for maximum impact.