(Sea)PG: We put the Southeast Asia (Sea) in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

30 Aug 2021

Nifty Corporates

VISA, Budweiser, Marvel, and the Positive Sum Corporate NFT Awakening...
Vegan cheese is a rapidly growing segment. It is already worth $2B but is projected to double in size over the next four years...
A survey of D2C BPC consumers showed that there are distinct consumer personas within this segment. Functional Users; Opportunists; Influenced; Brand Driven 
Two Of a Kind is challenging a $9B industry of which the APAC market is the fastest growing. Check them out!
If you've ever tried Levain in NYC, you've been to cookie heaven. Hana at Dough Lab is bringing that same artisanal quality to Indonesia. Try her Gold Digger and Cookie Monster flavors which come stuffed with peanut butter and cookie dough respectively.
19 Aug 2021


1800D2C carefully breaks down all the tools top D2C brands use to grow their business across: channel marketing, payments, analytics, backend, advertising, conversion optimisation, CX support, retention and more. Started by Tim Masek at Founders Factory with the aim to democratise growth for all you D2C entrepreneurs out there - go Tim! 
The clear aligner business is booming! How many SEA competitors can you count? Listen to Kyle Wailes, the CFO of SmileDirectClub, in this podcast that covers the company’s DTC roots, how SmileDirectClub differentiates itself relative to metal braces and clear aligner competitors like Invisalign, and what growth opportunities the business plans to pursue moving forward. 
By the Numbers is a super simple and comprehensive Shopify add-on tool for tracking customer retention. I know a number of brands who use this and the data it provides to make data driven decisions when launching new products while iterating old ones. 
Your tribe is king. Read Hooked by Nir Eyal. Nir explains that brands in homogenous categories like CPG differentiate themselves through content and community. Check out The Consumerist's take on how customisation and community can help consumer brands scale. 
Personalised women’s health supplements that support your unique mind and body. Love the brand and ethos. Founded by two sisters on a mission to make holistic solutions for women’s health more personalised and more accessible.
How the VC industry is evolving and why Tiger is eating your lunch (& your deals)
$250 billion (annualized) moved online since 2019, and it’s accelerated.
Nail a pricing strategy, Root product development in customer intel + shopper data, Substantiate claims with studies and trials, Consistently test + iterate; development is never done
Mayple is a curation of the world's best next generation brands for your lifestyle needs. Shop the best in Skincare, Personal Care, Nutrition and more...
A turkish immigrant used a commodity product to turn a $800,000 SBA loan into $10 BILLION.
With 75% of consumers belonging to at least one loyalty program, and 48% belonging to three or more, it's clear consumers want to build emotional connections with brands they love—and are game to sign up for ongoing programs if the payoff seems worth it. 
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 14 consumer brands in Indonesia raised VC money last year, doubling the tally of the previous year. 
25 Jul 2021

Why Now?

Why it matters for startups to have a strong "why now" - and also why it doesn't.
Forums like Reddit’s r/SkincareAddiction, which has over 1.3 million members, are becoming go-to's for people on a mission to understand the ingredients they are putting on their skin.
Extended COVID-19 lockdowns gave consumers a chance to reflect on their lives. That’s led to a “priority reset” of how they intend to behave going forward.